peace .. that oh so elusive thing
has come and crawled its way into this heart
filling the cracks and broken places
breathing life and love back into it again

love ... that oh so charming thing
has lifted this heart up with wings
allowing it to soar again and again
to heights of unparalleled pleasure

peace .. and love ... not illusions after all
not some far off distant unattainable thing
not something that belongs to someone else
but for me, filling up my own heart and soul

smiling up at You as You hold me close against You
listening to Your soft words
hope stirring amidst the ashes
peace bringing tears of joy to my eyes
love lighting up my face
healing me

smiling up at You ... putting both small hands in Yours
my heart, such as it is
my submission, all of me
are Yours

the sun is shining again ...
... and this restless heart is at peace

for BBD ... with love from His ~scilla~ - June 22, 2002

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