How To Spank A Naughty Sub

First step -
... catch her.

Second step -
... Hold on to her.

Third step -
... While holding on to her, try to get to your cuffs/rope/whatever you can get your hands on.

Fourth step -
... Carry her to the bed/cross/whatever is handy.

Fifth step -
... Stop and try to catch your breath (while still trying to hold on to her).

Sixth step -
... Catch her again.

Seventh step -
... Threaten her with bodily harm if she doesn't stand still.

Eighth step -
... Catch her again.

Ninth step -
... Threaten to gag her if she doesnt stop laughing.

Tenth step -
... Drag her back to the bed/cross/whatever is handy.

Eleventh step -
... Secure her wiggling body.

Twelfth step -
... Take a nap.

Thirteenth step -
... Choose your paddle/ crop/ flogger/ whatever is handy.

Fourteenth step -
... Wake her up.

Fifteenth step -
... Gag her to stop the giggling.

Sixteenth step -
... Repeatedly smack her ass till she quits shaking with laughter.

Seventeenth step -
... Continue spanking till she starts to moan.

Eighteenth step -
... Give up. No matter what you do you know she's enjoying the hell out of it.
This isn't punishment, it's her way of making you please her.


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