she waits ...
each fiber of her being trembling, knowing His touch will come,
And knowing that when it does, it will send her reeling with the desire
That is coiled inside her, like a whip singing through the air
To place its kiss upon the tender recesses of her mind and soul.
In the darkness, behind the silk that covers her eyes and shields her sight,
she can hear so well the rustling of His movements, a lover's stealth
While planning steps to the dance of eroticism that awaits His pleasure.
her breath quickens, her heartbeat pulses so strongly she can feel it,
Every nerve is screaming for just the hint that He is near to ending
The torture of wanting relief by His skillful touch upon her fevered skin.
How well He knows her, giving her just enough to leave her wanting more,
Touching, kissing, sometimes giving her no more than the caress
Of His hot breath, fanning high the fires within as He toys with her,
Seducing her slowly, in complete domination of her passion.
she waits, twisting her hands ever so slightly in the soft cord
He used while binding them behind her, His gentle laughter in her ear
Breathing promises of the intoxicating tempest of enravishment yet to come.
her muscles begin to quiver, taut with the need to move, while she kneels
As He left her, awaiting the pleasure of the man who so masterfully plays
her emotions, sending her reaching for impossible heights,
Unobtainable by other than His touch, by His gift of dominance over her.
... she waits.

author unknown

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... thanks to Les St. Clair for permission to use the gorgeous fractal art for the title on this page ...