"The ideal Master controls Himself,
so that He might control His submissive.

He will, as "Stern Dominant", cause tears to flow,
and, as a Lover, kiss them away.

An unashamed romantic,
He cherishes His submissive lady
Yet always, He remains aware of the difference
between fantasy and reality.

When there is need ...
He is ready to leave the roles behind to be a friend.
He understands that to possess a woman,
one must court the mind with intelligence and humour;
win the spirit with compassion and warmth;
and take the body with determined strength.
He is gallant, chivalrous and protective of His lady
able to defend and fight for her honour.
He is an honorable sadist
who uses pain only as an extention to the bounds of pleasure.

Vigilant that no harm comes to His submissive,
He is the mentor and guide who takes His lady into flight,
the wind beneath her wings and her tether to the earth.
Enveloping His submissive in His strength.
He lends her the courage to reach new heights.

~Author Unknown~

The gift of submission is just that ... a precious gift.
Don't own her picture, don't own her body, but instead -
treasure her soul as you hold it gently but tightly in your hand.

A thought ...

And he whispered to her in the darkness as they lay together ...
"Tell me where to touch you so that I can drive you insane,
Tell me where to touch you to give you ultimate pleasure,
Tell me where to touch you so that we will truly possess each other"

she kissed him softly and whispered back ...
"Touch my mind"

... and He did, over and over and over again, until her possession was complete.

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