She wakes to moonlight dancing on the floor
Walks alone in the night to the window
Peering out past glimmering stars
Wondering if his sleep is as restless

Moonlight caresses her bare shoulders
As she paces the velvety carpet
Distraught, disturbed, despairing
Wondering if she will always be alone in the night

Slivers of light from the moon pierce the darkness
Lighting her footsteps...shining on her face
Tracing the path where tears have fallen
She wonders if she walks in his dreams

The moonlight seems so sensuous
And she reaches out a hand to carress a stray sliver
Her hand falls to her side again
The moonlight as elusive as sleep

Thoughts of him chase each other through her head
As she walks through the moonlit house
As quiet as a whisper, soft paws sound behind her
She scoops up her babycat and cuddles her close

Thoughts tumbling over each other
Is this really love?
Will she always feel this way....
Wanting to be with him every minute of every hour

How far does she have to walk alone yet
How many hours spent waiting
For love to come to her
How much longing can one person contain

He makes her days brighter with the sound of his voice
He makes her whole world shine thinking of his kisses
Everything looks new and different and fresh
Seen through eyes that are now loved by him

She sighs as she gazes out the window
Another day will begin soon again
Perhaps to start with the sound of his voice
Her lips curve in a soft smile remembering

She turns back to her lonely bed
Cuddles back under the covers
Runs a carressing hand down her body
Knowing someday the hand carressing her will be his....

October 21, 1998

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