A Poem for U/us

i cried out
as He drove into me
into my orgasm
filling me
shattering me

mind and body gone nova
blinding light
searing heat
breath stealing cold
clinging to Him
as He thrusts into me
over and over

in the shining of the sun
the moon
the stars
the roar of the tiger
the scream of the hawk
and the purrrrrrring of a kitten

every ocean, every sea
every pond inbetween
filling me
drowning me
draining me
taking everything
giving back two-fold
one body, one mind
Him in me
me around Him
flickers of a dying flame
burning embers

we stir and move
until i am wrapped
in His arms
in His warmth

for BBD, my Sir ... with love *s*
May 21, 2003