A Master's Love

"Undress yourself", He orderd, a warm voice, overlaid with the cold of command. she loved that voice, loved the way it caressed her ears. It always made her weak, the soft heat building within her, making her eager to obey.

Even so, she hesitated, standing on the carpeted floor, a floor light shining in her eyes, blocking out all sight of the cozy bedroon she knew she was standing in. She always hated this part; revealing the many flaws of her body to His eyes. Kind eyes, stern eyes, they had never judged before ... but still that fear stirred within her.

she wanted to refuse, feeling vulnerable. She wanted to, but then there was His voice. His voice, now she had to obey.

Slowly, she started to unbutton her blouse, setting her jaw, removing herself from the room. It would be over soon, and the play would resume, and she would lose herself in her submission yet again.


"Stop, Master?" she questioned in suprise. she could not see Him where He sat and she wanted to. Had her slowness displeased Him?

Hands reached around from behind her ... dry, warm hands ... which had caused her both pleasure and pain. This time, the hands held her in a warm embrace. The humanness and solidity of the hands almost startled her and brought her partially up from the depths of her submissive haze.

she could feel His chin rubbing behind her ear. His tongue slowly and gently traced the outer edge of her ear lobe and she involuntarily shivered. Damn the weak knees that made standing require concentration. She could feel Him thinking, almost touch the silence as He stood there with His arms around her.

"you don't like to undress for Me," He said, not a question, no ounce of doubt in His voice. The low rumble of His voice raised the hair on the back of her neck, making it hard to think. It stole her voice away and she nodded her head mutely.

"you are afraid of what I will see," He continued. "You are afraid that I will be unhappy or that I will look away in disgust ... you don't like your thighs, you don't like your stomach ... you hear in your head a thousand reasons to flinch and draw away from My sight." her head swam, she needed air ... but the warm caress of His voice on the back of her neck had destroyed any ability she had to deny Him, to raise a defence. It was all true and she nodded again.

"you are My pet," He told her. He held her body loosely, and slowly moved to face her squarely. she looked at His eyes curiously, ashamed that He knew her fears so well.

His hand snaked up her back into her hair and took a tight hold. His grip forced her head back so that she had no choice but to continue to look into His eyes.

He held her that way for a long moment ... longer ... waiting for that softening of her eyes that to Him signaled her yielding to His will.

"Tonight MY pet," He stressed the word, yet immovably, "I want that fear from you. you will give Me that fear."

she couldn't nod, so finally she forced her dazed mind to make her lips move, "Yes Master," she whispered.

"Remove your blouse," He ordered stepping back. her fingers fumbled at the top button, but the rest came quickly. He stared at her avidly, and she started to pull the blouse down.

my bra is old, i can't believe i wore this ratty thing, she thought.

Instantly He engulfed her mouth with a kiss, heavy, demanding and arousing, leaving her nothing but a need for air. "That fear is Mine," He whispered, when finally it ended. "you don't have it any more. Take off your blouse now pet."

Dazed, she shed her blouse and stood before Him in her bra.

Damned saggy tits, i should work out more, she thought reflectively.

Again, the kiss, His tongue taking her mouth, taking the thought away.

"And that fear is also Mine," He informed her. "Go on ..."

The bra came off under trembling fingers and she tried to hide the thoughts that flitted into her head.

i have too many moles.

He knew, He saw it in her eyes, and drank once again from her lips, draining the thought, draining the ability to think.

Again and again, He kissed her as she unveiled. He kissed her lips, He kissed the mole on her neck, He kissed her stretch marks ... every part she felt ashamed of, cherishing it, insistent that she also cherish it with Him.

She yielded again and again, He knew her too well, knew when she was hiding, and knew how to pluck the fears from her mind.

Long before her clothes were all removed, her knees gave way and she finished undressing while sitting on the edge of the bed. He moved as she undressed, touching her, His loving eyes accepting her body as it was.

When she was at last naked, He held her for a long time in His arms.

"you are Mine, pet," He told her, His voice running through her and into her. "Mine are all the parts of you, every piece, every inch."

"I don't want your fear to take your body away from Me, to seperate us, even for a moment. Not a single part of you, ever. Put your clothes on and we'll do this again and again and again ... and I will do this tonight and for as long as it takes, until you feel no fear of My judgement and are only eager to share every bit of your body with Me."

And so it was.


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