Happy Birthday, ~scilla~
(Sunday's Child)

Monday’s Child is “Fair of Face”
Fair of Face means:
A Beautiful face
A Handsome face
A Telling face
A Trusting face
A Knowing face
Someone you can trust
If you are Monday's Child, you are very gifted and lovely. You radiate through life and your radiance spills over to others.

Tuesday’s Child is “Full of Grace”
Full of Grace means:
Has gifts to give
Someone you can learn from
If you are Tuesday's Child you are a wonderful person. You bring peace and grace to all aspects of yours and others lives.

Wednesday’s Child is “Full of Woe”
Full of Woe means not a naturally joyful child, but what does that mean to the person born this day:
Needs answers
Does not just take something at face value, but learns to enjoy the things they find. Demands respect
If you are a Wednesday's Child, you may not have been born the most joyous child, but you can learn to have lots of fun and bring joy to others in return.

Thursday’s Child has “Far to Go”
Far to Go means:
Chooses their own path in life
Is not afraid to work hard
Enjoys the good things in life
Is very intelligent
Respects others and wants respect in return
If you are Thursday's Child you can go as far in life as you choose.

Friday’s Child is “Loving and Giving”"
Loving and Giving means:
They give to others
Loving human beings
Generous to a fault
If you are a Friday's Child you love all others and are a very giving person.

Saturday’s Child “Works hard for a Living”
Works Hard for a Living means:
Likes the good life
Is not afraid to work hard for what you want
Know what you want out of life
A dreamer
If you were born a Saturday's Child you know what you want and are not afraid to work for it.

Sunday’s Child - The child born on the Sabbath Day is “Sunny, bright and bonnie".
Sunny, bright and bonnie means:
Sunny disposition
Generous, but cautious
If you were born a Sunday's Child you are the most joyous and happiest of all the other children or adults. You just enjoy your life as a whole and try to bring sunshine into other's lives in return.

Whatever day you were born on, you are a blessing to this world. Bring peace and joy to others and they in return will bless you life with peace and joy and this world will be a better place for you having been a part of it. Have a Very Happy Life.

“I cannot not go back and make a new Past, but I can start from today to make a New Future.”

Make this the best year of your life!

When were you born?

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June 26, 2004