*animals, birds, flowers including Australian flowers, hearts, miscellaneous, ocean*
added December 17, 2006

Another Outlaw Design
*four pages of free tubes*
added April 29, 2006

Birgittas Place
*angels, animals, borders, celtic, corners, cute kids, decor, Egyptian, fairies, fantasy, flowers, frames, holidays, miscellaneous, misted, pinups, sun and moon, victorian, women, zodiac*
added December 17, 2006

Daisy's Tubes
*artistic landscapes, artists, clothing, flowers, food, fruits, furniture, holidays, household stuff, miscellaneous, porcelain, world people*
added December 17, 2006

HAAM Beumer Tubes
*animals, autumn, blossoms, Christmas, dogs, fruit, garden, musical instruments*

Fafy Tubes
*excellent site especially for female tubes - over 42 pages*
updated: August 5, 2013

Fecnikek Blogspot
*beautiful frames*
added April 15, 2013

Gina's Tubes
*In French but not hard to follow - a mix of different tubes is offered*
added April 15, 2013

HeartCreators PSP Tubes
*acronyms, African, angels, animals, artistic, baby items, backdrops, balloons, baskets, birdcages, birds, books, bowties, bridges, buildings, bunny rabbits, butterflies, cabinets, candles, candy, cars, cats, furniture, new years, sports, St. Patricks, sweets*

Herkeys Tubes
*accents, accent hearts, accent flowers, accent stars, animals, buttons, Christmas, dividers, Easter, feathers, flowers, food and drink, furniture, gems, houses, household, kitchen, lace, lacehearts, miscellaneous, musical, oriental, porcelain, transporation, Valentines*
added April 29, 2006

Jade Cat Tubes
*St. Patrick Day tubes*

Joyce Kohl Treasury
*animals, black tubes, butterflies, buttons, classroom, containers, country, dings, garden, holidays and celebrations, household, jewels, nameplates, planetary, religious*

*bows, buildings, country, cute critters, cute kids, flowers/plants/trees, furniture, glass and shiny, holidays, household, miscellaneous, patriotic, sealife and wildlife tubes*
added April 29, 2006

Lamanouche's Misted Tubes
*angels, animals, babies & kids, fantasy, fashion & beauty, fine art, flowers, Native American, nudity, religion, romance, scenery, still life, various, women*
added March 25, 2006

Luxury's Tubes
*animals, christmas, cute animals, flowers and plants, photo corners, leaves and trees, love, notecards, notepaper, text bubbles*

Majestic Artistry
*angels, Christmas, Easter, flowers, Halloween, roses, Valentines*

Pati's PSP Tubes
*feathers, floral, frames, globes, Greek images, miscellaneous, Valentines, victorian*
added April 29, 2006

Pixel Art by Joyce
*animals, black, butterflies, buttons, classroom, containers, country, create your own, dings, frames, garden, holidays, household, jewels, nameplates, planetary, religious, this 'n that*
added December 17, 2006

PSP Tube Depot
*artist's tubes and more*
added December 17, 2006

Just Female Tubes

Dakara Tubes
*Site is in French, but not hard to follow if you don't speak French and there are a LOT of tubes!*
added April 15, 2013

Other Databases

Chezdophy Tubes
*Site is in French, but not hard to follow if you don't speak French*
added March 11, 2006

PSP Tubes
*a huge alpha listing of tubes*
added December 17, 2006

How-2 Install A Tube
*instructures and pictures to show you how to install tubes*

How 2 Make A Tube
*for PSP 5 & 6*

Installing and Using PSP Tubes
*tutorial by ~scilla~*

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