Frames to be used with Paint Shop Pro must have a .pfr extension. Not everyone that offers frames puts them in that format. This means you'll have to mess around with the frame a bit to get it to that format and that can get frustrating so there are only sites listed here that have their frames in .pfr format already and are zipped.

Before you begin, you will need an unzipping program. You can get WinZip here. Or you can search the net and find other zip programs.

Click on a frame. When the save dialogue window pops up, save the zipped frame to a folder on your computer (Suggestion: In the folder "My Documents", create a folder called "ZippedFiles" and save your zipped files in there.)

When you are done saving frames, go to your "ZippedFiles" folder and by right clicking on each frame, unzip it. (Suggestion: if you're familiar with unzip programs, you can probably select all the zipped frames and unzip them all at once.)

Then copy and paste the unzipped frames into your PSP frames folder. On most computers, your frames folder in the PSP program would be in a location something like this:
c:\Program Files\Jasc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Frames\Frame1.pfr

Amanda's Home
*4 pages of frames*

CountryGirl's Frames
*7 pages of frames*

John Mason's Gold Frames
*6 pages of frames*

Koala's Frames
*7 pages of frames*

Pumpkin Ridge Creations
*1 page of frames*

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Updated: September 10, 2014
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