Installing Fonts
(a quick lil tutorial on installing your fonts for WIN XP/95/98/2000 or NT4)

1001 Free Fonts
(Jason Nolan's site is a treasure trove for those in search of the latest and most eye-catching free fonts on the Web. Here, you'll find a strong collection of freeware fonts and dingbats. All the fonts featured here are listed with the creators' permission, so you won't find any fonts of dubious origin. Unlike many font collections on the Web, here you'll find links to the sites where each font originated.)
(added December 26, 2004)

Absolute Fonts
(6,800 high quality, attractive fonts)

Abstract Fonts
(has a free Font Manager - i've not tried it yet so any feedback is welcome)

Acid Fonts
(At this well-organized site, you'll find over 4,000 freeware fonts and dingbats, for Windows and Macs. There is also a good selection of font utilities, as well as a helpful "frequently asked questions" section.)
(added December 26, 2004)

Action Fonts
(A nice selection of freeware designer fonts, sorted alphabetically. The site also features a good roundup of dingbat fonts.)
(added December 26, 2004)

Beautiful Fonts
(offers a large collection of free true type fonts for Windows - nicely laid out and easy to follow)

BT Graphix
(also has "Cheatsheets" for HTML, Colour Charts and ASCII Characters)

Da Font
(lists the fonts alphabetically but also listed under all kinds of other categories as well)

EricBrook Fonts
(As at 12-26-04, there are 2,180 fonts. They also have a little area beside each font, which tells you if that particular font is already on your computer or not. Plus, a LOT of links for more fonts.)
(added December 26, 2004)

Eternal Fonts
(Download more than 5000 PC and Mac fonts for free. All sorted in 50 categories. 3D fonts, dingbats, blackletter, futuristic, famous and much more!)
(added January 10, 2005)

Font Area
(Thousands of free fonts)
(added January 10, 2005)

Font Face
(has a nice lil font search engine before you enter their site)

Fonts 'n Things
(lots of 3D fonts)

(Thousands of free True Type fonts in alphabetical order!)
(added January 10, 2005)
(2,309 fonts for Windows)
(added December 26, 2004)

Mike's Sketchpad Free Fonts Archive
(A very well organized site)
(added January 10, 2005)

Simply the Best Fonts
(lists fonts in alpha, many many categories and offers a Font of the Month category as well)

Theme World
(5,067 available fonts - many categories and lots of gothic/medieval fonts)

very nice

Holiday Fonts


House of Lime
(has a huge listing of dingbats!!)

Font Search Engines

Font Search Engine
(Looking for a specific font? This useful site offers over 10,000 free fonts and features a search engine, so you can quickly find what you need. Font Search Engine also includes a database of free font archives, font utilities and a roundup of free font designers.)

Search Fonts
(A solid, uncluttered free fonts resource, this site features an excellent search engine to help you find the font style you're looking for quickly.)
(added December 26, 2004)

Sites listing font sites:

Free Font Resources
(has quite a few sites i've never seen listed before plus a help tutorial on installing fonts)

Typoasis Fonts
(a nice lil site listing of font sites)
(added December 26, 2004)

Mac Fonts
(There are 1,471 fonts for the Mac!)
(added December 26, 2004)

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